75% senior notes due March 15, 2018 at ’BBB ’

I can help with question 1, but re: 2, Bunn machines are actually pretty decent brewers and are probably the best mass market (available at Walmart) drip brewers you can buy. I used a Bunn Velocity for years before swapping it out for a Bonavita, and it made very good coffee, very quickly. I haven played with a Technivorm much, but a Bunn is a significant step above most of the other brewers out there, so it possible that the coffee out of the new machine isn appreciably better..

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canada goose black friday sale Some of Canada Goose Coats On Sale those ways include:Creating fake bids and buying inventory at a steep discount.Taking a generic drive, throwing it into a caddie and flash the firmware with the correct firmware for the HP drive.Taking used hard drives with a few hours on them and selling them as new.Now some of the legit ways to get pricing this aggressive are as follows:Buying aged inventory from HP and the US distributors.Sourcing from over sea and taking advantage of geographical discounts. (Drives in the UK could be cheaper then here because of promos/currency exchange/etc.)Buying uk canada goose outlet drives from their brothers uncles cousin who works at foxconn or where the drives are packaged and assembled out the back door.There just no way to tell, my recommendation is ask them for the serial numbers they are sending you so you can vet the warranty. They will be able to provide Canada Goose Jackets them, you can look up the serial numbers and confirm they have uk canada goose a full warranty. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online For no apparent reason, canada goose clearance the visitors are researching people’s basic ”conceptions”: work, self, family, ownership, and, of course, love. The wrinkle is that, when an alien canada goose uk black friday ”collects” this information from someone, it vanishes from that person’s understanding. In the context of Japanese culture, which is built around bedrock conceptions of work and family, that act proves both devastating and quite funny Canada Goose online.