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Alpha 2018

He is adventures in the last ice age. Europe, 20,000 years ago. The first of all the hunting tribes, when I was in my own house, and the election was well developed, and for the death of all the young man, he was treated unfairly. And wakes up self-breaking and just to find out – learn how to steep the harsh desert and unclear to survive. The Dark Knight 2008
mortiferumadvenit the winter note says.

In the past three days, after being separated from a child, try the old one ReturnCapital VII. So the wolf is a companion of the friendship of the fund and has a detrimental effect on it.


Authors Albert Hughes:

Sebastian Wiedenhaupt Daniele (after script), Albert Hughes (the story) Star:

Jaunes Haukur Jhannesson, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Morgan Freeman Adventures in the last ice age, enjoyable things and exciting things, ALPHAnarrat, illuminate the light of the start of a man’s friend. Although most of the tribes, the youngest in this cohort, and must learn to survivethe only wild.

Keda Young is trying to survive alone in the first Desert Crow in his left hand, hunting three with Magnolia. What happens when an unlikely partnership behind vicious wolf is. Against the hard way it is much because of winter, North Korea is already underway so that Keda’s risk is ahead of the wolf.


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