And by doing so, you are shunning yourself from His Blessings

Who wants a nice power supply? Everyone! One such unit is the Corsair CX750M. As its name implies, this PSU has a 750 W maximum capacity and modular cabling. You also get a big 135 mm fan and four PCIe power connectors. And by doing so, you are shunning yourself from His Blessings and His Mercy, condemning yourself to living a life of moral depravity rather than living your life in such a way as to ascend to a higher plane of ascetic being. If you want God to love you, accept you, and welcome you to Heaven in the afterlife, then drugs and alcohol will serve as an impediment to this goal, and will lead you down the path of Hell. Therefore, drug and alcohol treatment can and should be aimed at bringing you back from the abyss of sin and toward the path of seeking nearness to God..

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