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Chicken Invaders 5

Chicken Invaders 5 terrible game in which a horde of intergalactic shooting player was pulled chicken, the only way to save our precious land! With these clever designs and surprising animation, shooting in space on the basis of it is never fun. Climb aboard your ship toInvadersChicken eliminate invaders, Put yourself in the cockpit of your spaceship, at the time when foreigners enter kurytsana Earth. This game is usually high octane shooting game with a funny cartoon likei. The real action may be surprising, because up to 200 chickencan be on the screen at the same time, all just waiting to be removed. In addition to protecting just the planet, the player can travel in 12 unique stellar system to fight the wave of intergalactic chickens. Co-op mode allows up to 3 inshyhgultsov to help you removeviolator. There are other teams, as well as a wide range of weapon upgrades and available (function () {( ”Overview of application-page desktop”);}); Intensive ShootingActionChicken 5 invaders game rather fortunate action, when wave after wave of attackers birds goal. there are someepic boss to continue, and it is especially fun to play with one or dva.Vidavochna, furious and very funny, with beautiful graphics and unique sound accompaniment of the orchestra.

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