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When you install a hotspot, your PC becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot so that other computers, smartphones and tablets can share the connection.

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Connectify Hotspot detects your computer’s network card and automatically configures it as a access point, assigning your network name and password. If you click on ”Hotspot Startup”, your access point will work and you can connect to one adjacent device password connection Tab”Customer” shows you which device is connected to your access point.

It works as you like, without further input, although you can configure options like passwords and (in paid version) network name. After configuration, you can manage the connections and track old friends and connected devices before.

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Are you really useful? Computer requirements allow Wi-Fi use as a hotspot, as all devices areconnected So, if you have a wireless router, it does not seem necessary. Only wireless connectivity can be done at home or you want to manage wireless networks more easily, but for most people, I know Connectify Hotspot only has some apps.

Connectify’s hotspot connection feature that can be used for everyday use is that you can share files and folders via a convenient drag-and-drop interface with other users on your network.

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Connectify Hotspot is not easy to use and does what you say. I do not use it for that, but if it happens, it is appropriate.

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