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Cooking Fever

I am Would you like cooking games like ”The Cooking Class of Sara”? Then you will have a cooking fever. In this adventure, with free basic content and voluntary microtransactions, you have to deal with customers with fast food restaurants (burgers, pizzas, tacos). Sadržajpogodankwa all audiences – each of the adults can play.

Select a fate in () {(’reviev-page-page-desktop’);)); The fever in cooking should ”live” wave of customers who will ask you for all kinds ofFast food: hamburgers, carbon drinks, hot As morning service, follow up the key to preparing every diet and every order. For example, to prepare a good hamburger, you must put the bread in a dish, fry in the dish, remove the time off (take a long time and it will be burned and you should throw it off!) Put in the bread. Rhythm and management skills would be the key to success in cooking fever, especially when you pass through training levels and start multiplying from many times.one time. Get too long and customers will go without paying. Be quick and be very happy that they will show. So far, cooking Treska looks like a cookie cookie. I am Is this unique? Two things: promotion and establishment of management. At the end of the circle or fever rate, you can invest your money in the best kitchen container. Improving your plate and meat will work early. Buy more tuberculosis and you can store more food by supporting each other’s orders. You have chosen what you wantThe improvement of breaking one of the edge of these games: the development of the line. When you complete a number of rows, the game will allow you to invest money to improve your restaurant’s appearance. This section is more strategic than it looks: to attract your customers to the TV and to stay longer. Again, this article will make you feel like you’re holding automatic cooking fever, and it’s not the other way around!

Most confidentGamingTresca is not a 100% free game, women and seniors. The title includes voluntary microtransactionsto help you improve devices quickly or quickly share it. You can complete cooking fever without paying, but you will often need to repeat rates to get enough money to improve the equipment. You will need a lot of patience. Fever has better controls, which I appreciate at the most difficult times. No ništaMrzim this game beyond the izgubivbidejkji address deny that I want to send orders to customer aesthetic levels ekample.In, cooking fever is good and even cute without colored congestion that delaysstep in more devices. every interactivated membrane to be easily identified when you find yourself in the middle of cooking, most importantly.

It is advisable that a fatal fever is not surprising. We expected another cooking game and we have seen a head that recognizes it as a damaged species and requires a revolutionary type. In contrast to other sports, cooking controls the strategy and how you want to make progress. We did not think we would talk about a strategy in the kitchen game, but we havecertainly did not expect to read this proposal.

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