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Euro Truck Simulator

If you want the roads to travel across Europe without a career as a truck driver, the best way to do this is to play the best game driving a car, like the Euro Truck Simulator. Crazy Taxi installer free download torrent Select a country of origin and you go.

(Function {) {(appendix to browse the pages of the desktop ”);}); Reisvan European patishtaZad your wheeltrucks, your mission is basically from delivering solutions from one city to another in the answer; If you make money, you will be able to handle the loader on trucks, new, more powerful, will be sold faster and with a long battery life. BasicTruck Truck Simulator graphics delivers decent graphics (no more, no less), as well as good music and sound effects. However, the animations are pretty poor, something like a common game in the game.

Capricious repetition The big problem with this simulator is that it will return soon. Maybe this isMonotone modeling of diesel engines and warning about dangers of falling sleep? transportation of illegal goods, pursuit by the police, or a disk against the flow of traffic on the highway will be quite strange (simply speaking). The hotel original, fun igraOriginalni and quality of the graphics/ sound effects, the Euro Truck Simulator does not really offer something different from another car or motorcycle. However, the feeding of a moderate (legal) pace guarantees current boredom.

Although Euro Truck Simulator 2 is fantastically composed, its success still looks as far away as gamers who do not feeljoy to break their open roads. But while Europe’s roads and roads cross you, you have charm, you feel like a real truck driver who should hit the United States. This is exactly what SCS Software delivers here, with its latest name American Truck Simulator.

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It’s hard to find differences between the American truck simulator and its European predecessor. The game is basically unchanged: start as a free driver, earn, buy your own lorry, and build your own shippinga company

But here, apparently, more than any other franchise, the change of institution is enough. There is romance for a kiss kiss trip in the US listening to music from scratch on your streamlined Internet radio. so although the physics of the game and the driving patterns remain unchanged, the idea of ​​draggingthe cargo along the entire length of Route 66 is unclearly different.

Or, at least, this would be because it currently gives the American truck simulator only two of the fifty US states: California Nevada. Of course, these two countries are the bulk of the earth, and it may take several hours toto cross, even in fun games that have lowered the world. Unfortunately, this does not prevent you from starting some landmark trips.

It’s too early, and SCS Software beoogom to publish more applications as content that can be taken – so the financial cost of the American Truck Simulator explained to them. Plus, this will be a must-have bonusgeneral mode

Comprehensive fat pressure

The world looks spectacularly like the game rynatuurlike environment around, the growth of the suburbs and inner cities, everything looks and feels completely different. Go down the streets of Las Vegas, surround the Neon and the streets are full. This is unlike sandBakersfield, where you have a lot of space around you.

Although the traffic looks less impressive, lorries, especially their interiors, are well modeled. This gives you a good feel, because you are often looking for a cabin to get a closer look at mirrors and other reviews.

If you do not decide to manageacting on the road, keyboard or wheel, American Truck Simulator will take you through the wizard to make sure you are ready to leave. My advice, at least, first of all, with automatic variants. You will have a lot to learn how to handle the trailer, GPS and other options.

PurchaseNewtrucks and the creation of a transport company are managed by direct menus and explain comprehensive recommendations. They add depth and focus on actions when you grow rich and manage your finances. It is not necessary, so if you want to keep your free lifeExperience to earn more cargo over long distances and enjoy a comfortable ride funny – you can.

It is for intercity directions

The simulator of the US truck continues with a great line of series and comes with a fantastic budget estimate. For beginners in the genrethe transfer should be noted that, in direct comparison, the final version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 with all DLC is much more game. However, in addition to the size, the new design has some wonder about it – especially if you have the music of the rustic sound from the speakers.


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