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Extinction 2018

The father has a constant dream of losing his family. His nightmare becomes a reality when the planet is attacked by a force whose purpose is to destroy. Fighting for life, he begins to capture unknown power to protect them from evil.


The creators of Bencompany:

Spencer Cohen (screenplay), Brad Ken (screenplay) (like Brad Caleb Cane) | A family man is tormented by dreams of loss. But his dreams turned out to be prophetic, not paranoid, when the planet attacks the invasion invasion.When fighting for the protection of people who hate, he discovers that he has a hidden power that he can protect them from harm.

A thief who steals company secrets through the use of sharing technology dreams, gives the opposite task to put the idea in the head of the general director.


ChristopherNolan Writer:

Christopher Nolan:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levit, Countries of Elen. | Home Cob is a qualified thief, absolutely the best in dangerthe field of extraction, the theft of valuable secrets from the depths of the subconscious while sleeping, when the mind is the most sensitive. RickyCobb’s ability turned him into a pretender in this insidious new world of corporate espionage, but he turned him into an international refugee and worth all he had ever loved. Cobo now offers a ransom opportunity. The last thing he could bring back to life, but only managed to achieve the impossible. Instead of a perfect insult, Cob and his teamspecialists must turn away on the contrary: their task is not to steal the idea, but to plant it. If they succeed, it can be an excellent crime. But careless planning or experience can not prepare a team for a dangerous enemy who seems to foretell every move. The enemy that Cobb has just seen.

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