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Harry Potter Half Blood Prince 2018

Voldemort is expanding his muggle and wizarding world, and Hogwarts has never been helpless. Harry suspects the dangers may be in the castle, but Dumbledore prefers to prepare for the fight for the final race. Working together to find the key to defending Voldemort, Dumbledore is hired by his old friend and colleague, a well-connected and unsuspecting lover, Professor Horch Slughorn believes he has important information. In the meantime, the enemyStudents They attack a lot, like the anger of teenage girls. Harry is increasingly attracting Ginny, as well as Dean Thomas. Harry Potter Pt 2 And Lavender Brown has decided that Ron has the right, apart from Romilda Vanes chocolate. And then, Theresa, with jealousy, but certainly not her feelings. As prosperity flourishes, a student remains aloof. She wants to set her own brand, even though it’s a bit dark. Love is in the air, but the tragedy continues and Hogwarts is never the same


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