He likes to beat up and then talk

I am a 34 yr old female. I think that I have been in some state of depression since my teens. I am greatly affected by excessive worrying, anxiety and by making decisions.Major depressive disorder means that you have a number of specific symptoms and sadness and loss of interest and inability to concentrate, thoughts that life is not worth living, last for a decent period of timeIt’s important to realise that anxiety often goes along with depression so if you’ve got social phobia, extreme shyness, it’s very likely you’re depressed as well and when it comes to depression the scientific evidence is what works are medications and one to one therapy using in particular cognitive behaviour therapy.Dr Bronwyn GouldCognitive behaviour therapy is where people are taught to understand how their thoughts impact on how they feel and to identify unhelpful thoughts to improve the way they feel.But can social phobia, generalised anxiety or depression be effectively treated without seeing a doctor or psychologist face to face? Can an online character like Jess here (referring to cartoon) help people manage or even overcome their problem.Dr Bronwyn GouldI’m of a generation that doesn’t really understand relationships through a screen.

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