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The small loose piece of lumber will be added to the back for structural support. The other will be used to cover the loose ends of fabric along the front. This will be covered in a later step.Now it’s time to assemble all of the frames together. Govan’s strong voice and leadership will be crucial next year as Ewing continues his rebuild of the program and integrates a group of flashy recruits in his second season at his alma mater. The New York City native took well to Ewing’s coaching style last year and is an important voice in the locker room, not to mention, he led the Hoyas with 17.9 points and 10 rebounds per game along with 34 blocks on the season. Though his productivity fell off a bit a the start of Big East play as opponents keyed in on him, the 6 foot 10, 270 pound Govan still gave conference foes plenty ofmatchup trouble..

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