If you breathing normally, that isn a problem as you just

Overpressurized Bottle Exploding Underwater

When the bottle initially bursts, the gas expands rapidly but is being slowed down by the pressure of the water around it. At some point the pressure in the air pocket is equal to the water pressure, but the gas continues to expand due to canada goose outlet website legit its momentum. Once the momentum runs out the pressure of the gas is canada goose outlet uk sale actually lower than that of the water, so it starts to contract. Now you end canada goose outlet 80 off up with canada goose outlet florida the opposite effect, where the gas gains momentum and actually contracts past the point of equilibrium. The process continues canada goose outlet in chicago until everything equalizes.Edit: Okay, didn realize a drunken answer written at 2am would get anywhere near this kind of response. As many have pointed out the gas itself doesn really have the momentum in this case, the water surrounding it is likely much more responsible for that. However my point still stands, it the reciprocating overexpansion and overcontraction that causes canada goose outlet in uk the bubble to pulse in this way. When the density is high enough nuclear fusion can canada goose outlet reviews occur and a canada goose victoria parka outlet star canada goose outlet mississauga is born.What happens next depends on how much mass the star has. Very canada goose outlet location low mass stars will exhaust their fuel and slowly cool to leave a white dwarf. Pretty low mass stars (like the Sun) canada goose clothing uk will expand into red giants before shedding their outer shell and leaving their core as a white dwarf. This is approximately 700 times longer than the lifespan of the universe and has, as such, never actually happened.We pretty sure canada goose parka uk it will, though. Unless the expansion of the universe is accelerating faster than we think, in which case all stars will be ripped apart while the oldest red dwarfs are still red.Also there something canada goose outlet jackets about how stars are born that we don know. We don know what it is, but the current model of gas clumping together until fusion starts can explain all the stars we able to see.Oh canada goose outlet real and one last thing: very very low mass stars fail to maintain fusion, causing them to collapse to what called a brown dwarf.Something about how the metallicity of gas giants is higher than that of even very small brown dwarfs, despite the fact that heavy elements should have an easier time falling into a star during the time between when fusion begins and when it reaches a stable surface Best canada goose temperature. If you were at 10m depth, for example, the water canada goose outlet boston pressure is 2 atm, meaning that when you breathe through your regulator, you are breathing air that is also at 2 atm.As you ascend, the water pressure decreases meaning that the now higher pressure air in your lungs expands. If you breathing normally, that isn a problem as you just breathe it out. If, however, you hold your breath then the air in your lungs will continue to expand and can easily rupture your lungs, just as happened to the bottle in this post. You would also open the valve of the tank that you want to use to allow gas canada goose factory outlet vancouver to flow and, once you now breathing from the other tank, canada goose outlet new york city close the valve of the now unused one to prevent gas from accidentally canada goose outlet canada flowing.If so, how do you know how often to switch and how do you make sure you don take too big of breaths from one of the tanks?The kind of diving where you going to depths that require multiple breathing gas mixtures is called technical diving. Recreational diving is limited to about 30m to 40m where a canada goose outlet near me single tank of normal air is sufficient. Switching to the wrong gas mixture can literally kill you, so technical diving requires lots of specialist training, and each technical dive will have a very canada goose outlet in canada strict and carefully reviewed dive plan, which will involve the exact depths to switch canada goose outlet seattle to which tanks.Breathing normal air at 40m depth gives you about the same amount of oxygen as you would have if you were breathing 100% oxygen at the surface. At greater depths, canada goose outlet phone number you could end up breathing too much oxygen, canada goose outlet official which is canada goose premium outlet actually toxic, and can cause canada goose outlet winnipeg seizures. Several divers have died as a result.Recreational diving limits depths to those where oxygen toxicity shouldn generally be a problem, but technical diving requires that you use the correct mixture of gases for different depths.

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