If you genuinely think the audience for a vaguely realistic

Anyone else spending more time on here

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Canada Goose sale People have stopped playing because they had their fill, OP said it themselves, ”after 600 hours”. That says something. The canada goose outlet uk sale net code is trash; the optimization is trash; the engine was clearly not designed to handle this. PUBG is canada goose outlet belgium such a fantastic game canada goose outlet in toronto and I will not be surprised PUBG will be the CS/Quake of Battle canada goose outlet store uk Royal for canada goose outlet shop decades to come; but the developers really need to canada goose outlet washington dc sit down and take things more seriously and get a larger team that is more motivated and interested in taking this game further. Canada Goose sale

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canada goose deals I really, really want to say that this game is great, and better than the rest, but it just isn It terrible, and the Dev (yes, they inexperienced I know) really don know what they doing. I not mad, I just sad. My hope is that PUBG Corp really finds what they need to fix this games issues, because they canada goose outlet legit had a really good thing going here. I only played this weekend canada goose outlet eu for the war mode and even that been a shit show. I crash so often canada goose outlet las vegas mid game, my shots don canada goose outlet toronto location seem to register for a few seconds only for me to get a kill on someone a canada goose outlet store toronto few seconds after I shot. There seems to be a lot of Asian names in NA again as https://www.picframer.ca well, I guess that ”Ping restriction” was bullshit. I play the game more if it weren so boring, can hot drop cause desync can be terrible, loot doesn canada goose outlet real spawn for 15 seconds, and some frame drops when I shoot or get shot. It can be so aggravating to spend 20 min surviving the circle and occasional fights, only to die because the game decided to shit the bed in a close range gun fight. I used to really like the game canada goose outlet official but now canada goose outlet in usa I more full of contempt ever since they hyped up 1.0 as if it was gonna be a full released finished game, to me it still behaves like an early access game, there hasn been an immense performance upgrade since I bought the game a little more than a year ago either. I used to get 30 50 fps back then on lowest settings canada goose parka outlet uk and now I get 60 fps at best with it occasionally dropping into the 20 on lowest settings. I glad they put new content to the game with new maps and some canada goose outlet store new guns but whats new content when the base game is still not that great? So canada goose outlet store calgary here I am hoping there a major enough change in the game to play regularly again but it hasn happened so far canada goose deals.