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Inception 2010

Survivors who hold company secrets by using dream-sharing technology work on other conceptual planting to think of the Chief Executive.


Author Christopher Nolan:

Star Christopher Nolan:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page | Dom Cobb is a thief that develops, the best of a dangerous concept of conception, puts valuable secrets of the base of the heart during dreams, when the mind is at very great risk. The ability of the rarely was a playerAn exciting new in the new corporate banning world, but also made him a global racer and everything he had ever loved. Now, Cobb is offered the opportunity to be reused. One of the previous posts can restore his life, only if he can achieve what is impossible. The Equalizer 2 Instead of being a good consumer, Cobb and the specialist team have to withdraw when they refuse: Their work does not bring ideas but to nurture ideas. If they succeed, it will be a perfect offense. But there is nodesign or mature expertise that can prepare the team for dangerous enemies who seem to always watch their movements. Cobb can only see the enemy.

Dreaming about being a reality because of losing his family. Her nightmare came true when the planet was violently raped when it was destroyed. Fighting for his life, he became aware of the unknown power to keep them from danger.


The author Young:

Sphenner Cohen (scenario by), Brad Kane (scenario back) (such as Brad Caleb Kane)| Dreaming loses a family man. But his dream made it more predictable than confusion when the planet was attacked by an invisible demonstration. As he struggles to protect the person he loves, he discovers that he has the power to be safe from danger.


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