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Internet Explorer 7

If you think that you will not see the next version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft will go worldwide as the most useful version.

It has been a long time since many Internet users have waited enough for Microsoft to improve their technology and look elsewhere, especially in Firefox.

Now great, the evil browser in the world is not in the mood to see his crown is fighting, but is it enough for those who flee?

For beginners, a new interface improvesda.

Microsoft removes the menu bar and hides all the tools and functions in a series of small icons, located on the left side of the interface.
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Check the page’s largest area. Finally, he decided to explore the IE card. A new button for an immediate launch button and beautiful buttons A shortcut book that opens a thumbnail view of single tabs in a single window, unlike Firefox, has a close button for each IE 7 tab.

You can also save your first batch setWhen you start, the printing tool for the seven page pages is also thanks for the RSS feed. After the RSS page, the Toolbar icon becomes orange.

Click on it and you will be prompted for a page that shows all the channels for this page. Click on the link to add this box to the link program.

You can also access the corner by clicking on the small left star. http://www.familiacunhamg.com.br/anydesk-download-free-torrent/ However, unlike Firefox, all of the channel elements do not watch.

Center, StarAfter clicking on the big icon, it opens up popularity, space and history.

Security is weakness of IE features.

In addition to blocking pop-up, versions also have anti-spyware controls. We’ve posted a Phishtank phishing page. With our despair, the filters did not denounce most of them. Anti-phishing attacks would not be appropriate with IE 7, but at least the browser has SSL security software 2

0 and 3.0 and TLS 1.0, like Firefox.

Despite all the improvements,IE is still perfect. Like Firefox, IE has not passed Acid2 tests and does not support the latest standards.

When the delayed IE is activated and every new dragged file, the New Tool and Settings section is open. You can increase the search and service provider of Microsoft websites, but much less with Mozilla’s expansion.

Additionally, IE 7 is really limited to those of XP XP, and for some reason you need to disable your antivirus and your computerrestart the function to install () {(’review-app-page-desktop’)};


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