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We believe that Steve Rogers is leading the new Avengers team in their efforts to preserve humanity. However, after another incident involving Passenger results in related risks, political pressure focuses on the information system headed by the leading board to provide direct and direct control. New Avengers, free of charge in two camps – part by Steve Rogers and his ambition, to remain uncontrollably defensive, et al with Tony Stark# 39; Surprisingly the decision of the government’s decision not exceeding.

According to Marvel # 39; superhero iconic, quot; Iron Man 2quot; It gives a story about Ironbus’s blockbuster man. IMAX version will be illustrated in pictures and sounds IMAX experience with the Digital Re-Mastering owners of the IMAX DMR.
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Clear transparent images, including IMAX # 39; S tailor madeTheater geometry with a powerful digital audio environment unique which audiences feel as though they are in the film.

Marvel Studios# 39 Thor: Ragnarok is torus on the other side of the world without jail Club and sees himself in the race against Asgard’s time to play Ragnarok, the destruction of his home and at the end of Asgard civilization in the hands of a new threat threatening the End of the World. But he must first survive the bad gladiatorial competition that has plagued his former partner with Avenger, NeveragodnyHalk!


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