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Met Die Walkure Live 2018

Fathom and The Met Events: Live in HD shows Wagners Die Walkre broadcasts, which live in selected theaters across the country on Saturday, March 30. With what was expected to be a Wagnerian event for years, soprano Christine Goerke portrayed a fighter from Brnnhilde, the girl of the Wotans, to lose her eternal opera to the most famous act of rejection of the child. The Stuart Skelton Tenor and Sopora Eva-Maria Westbroek played in Siegmund and Sieglinde awkwardness. GreerGrimsley sang Wotan. Philippe Jordan will appear.

The achieved event Fathomat: Living in HD broadcast broadcast by Carmen Bizets, living in selected theaters across the country on Saturday, February 2 Clementine is Margaine opera opera, Roberto Alagna the faithful, taken by the audience as Don Jos Live in HD Louis in 2010. Langer Sir Richard Eyres takes live production, the Mets ynrepertoire favorite.

Events on Fathom and The Met: Live in HD broadcast of Nico Muhlys Marnie’s program, live in a cinemanationally chosen on Saturday 10 Nov Nico Muhly is the second composer of the composer nagbubunyagAng with the New Concept of this new handle Winston Graham’s novel, founded in 1950, for a beautiful young mysterious daughter with many identities. Director Michael Mayer and his team have created a world of creadigolmae’r fast and mobile for a story of great rejection and deception, which inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s inspiration in the film. Mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard sings Marniesmysterious, and baritone Christopher Maltman is the one who survives – with adverse consequences. Robert Spaced Spano.

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