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Microsoft Office 2013

MS Office 2013, launched since 2010, is one of Microsoft’s best products. One of the main innovations compared with MS Office 2010 is an extensive support for file format, user interface and support; (work () {(’update-app-page-desktop’);}};

Used uses, new features

Thank you A new reading perspective that you consider in Word 2013 can see the document for deleting. Changes of documents have been modified and expanded significantly, which improves editing of documents. Microsoft Office2013Professional Plus also edits PDF files without need for software, which makes it a direct competitor for Adobe Acrobat.

In Excel 2013, a new flash record completes the function to complete the placement of selected cells. Excel analyzes the whole table, recognizes the relationship between the cells and offers value or text. Excel also describesTo create tables and graphs by generating the proposal in the same way. The New Quick Survey feature at the Microsoft Office 2013 lets you see someof the form on the spreadsheet itself.

PowerPoint 2013 divides the status of the advertiser in two different views for the audience and advertiser. In addition to the presentation itself, you can also see a list of more info on the screenshots of the advertiser. On tablets, you can convert between slides and gestures, draw with stylus in the movie or use the virtual laser pointer.

InOutlook Outlook 2013 combines lists and appointments, contacts and functions. The email message in Outlook 2013 is now friendlyand you can be displayed, if you would like, in the list of scheduled listings in large areas.

Design and minimalistic structure with Windows8

Using the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus package, you can see that there is a change in the best. known band opens only when required, and is optimized with finger-working on touch screen. In addition to the image, you can insert a video using HTML in the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional pack. All applications contain devices with new, scheduled screenshotsby measuring tactile.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus uses the same design of tile as Windows 8, and everything seems to be created together, big, good. Some key icons are unfamiliar, and new templates present fascinating interesting newsletters and presentations.

Conclusion: Suite of the Office of the World

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus includes many valuable features that enable you to select vaoch devices. Unfortunately, the Office is not fit with the tablet. Items and options are very smallfor unsuccessful fingers.

Other features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus: however, are more influential: the PDF editor provides the best editing option for a group, collaborative with Skydrive, enhancements such as incorporating video on YouTube – the best innovation. If you are looking for a cheap option that is compatible with MS Office, you can always check WPS Office.


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