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MP3 Rocket

MP3 Rocket is a P2P network that is compatible with Gnutella and BitTorrent with which you can download, listen and listen to free music, movies and videos and ringtones.

(function () {(’review-app-page-desktop’);}); similar to FrostWire and LimeWire

MP3 Rocket is similar to FrostWire and the already lost LimeWire, so it is familiar with them. Using the application will be a piece of cake. Although that is not the case, it is easy to use and suitable for everyonethose movies want startup download, music and other content provided they do not have copyright problems. You can also convert video files to MP3s and listen to them on any music player, including mobile devices. The Pro version offers downloads and ringtones for 320kbs and HD 1080p videos.

Managed by tabs

MP3 Rocket is based on tabs that provide quick access to the search engine, list of popular files and torrents, your shared file library and even offline television,radio, games and chat. Downloadable content is free, but the suggestions for MP3 rocket are usually links to public web pages.

Good quality audio and video player

The program can also be used as an audio and video player, but judging by these functions is not very interesting and offers nothing that is really important to you.


In the end MP3 Rocket is a solid application, although we have recently heard complaints that are not as reliable as before. HoldAlso note that, such as MP3-based rocket on Java-based, it is not suitable for older computers. In general, MP3 Rocket is a solid, fixed P2P network client.

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