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Mr President!

IN! Take on the role of a courageous, self-sacrificed secretary who works to protect the most accidental presidential candidate in contemporary memory – the abrasiveness of Ronald Rump. At all levels you will have to turn into a death ball to save your candidate’s life. Fortunately, you are bulletproof, because the next level will again mark the march, and another hopeless sanitary system will ruin a bad picture.

Recording neverthere was so much (function () {(”Review-app-page-desktop”);}) The gameplay is simple: you patrol the candidate, and when the shot goes out, runs and comes his way. Time is important here; jump too early or too late and this is the early end of the election. Throwing the ball is fun, but! is basically a game with one joke. Once you have been enjoying the absurdity of the situation, its levels may start to repeat. As the difficulty increases, they can also be called randomlyfrustrated; You may need a hood in your location relative to the soccer track to succeed.

You return to politics again. After you are satisfied with the bag in the heart of this game, there is not much else for him. But it is not meant to be: it is a light, beautiful, small, deep game.

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