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Everyone probably had trouble getting a Wi-Fi signal without the need for a Wi-Fi router. If you become one of the losers, OSToto Hotspot can solve your problem. Hotspot OSToto can easily convert all your non-mobile devices into an access point. Wi-Fi Whether you are using a desktop computer or laptop, you can easily use Wi-Fi with the OSToto Performance option. The access point to the device was previously known as 160WiFi, but apart from changing the name remainsthe OSToto Hotspot 160WiFis inherit without much difference. Installing the program does not take much time. In fact, it is installed as soon as the file is clicked. Once started, you will see a white and purple interface that was there with 160WiFi days. The OSToto Hotpots interface is minimal. The program occupies a very small part of your screen, so that it does not get on the path of your other work. In addition to the pop-up menu settings in the right corner of the screen, most are necessaryinstitutions that you probably need are already present;

(function () {(’review app page desktop’);}); It should be noted that the program requires a wireless adapter. After installing the wireless adapter, however, using the software is pretty smooth. You can see all devices connected to the access point. You can also select a black list of unwanted devices. These devices are listed in the ”Black list” section;

The security settings and settings forhotspots are, however, very limited. It is of course possible to provide your connection with a password, but that’s about it. The configuration options are also elementary. Users can change program actions when they start, Send and receive Notify, and update the driver version. With the exception of the above, OSToto does not offer other menus for customization. Despite these disadvantages, OSToto is still a great tool for people who have to convert their devices into portable onesWiFi access points.

One of the disadvantages is automatic minimization of the drawer. There is no way to disable this feature. However, this is a rather small problem, and it takes some getting used to, but EffectiveTheres does not deny that OSToto is a simple program. It has a simple interface and simple menus. This is certainly well suited for users who do not have a technological approach. The only thing you need is a wireless adapter and users are very easily ready. However,the same simplicity can also be a disadvantage, because it also lacks multifunctionality. Do not expect many high-level functions. While portableWi-Fi is all you need, OSToto Access Point can surely meet your needs.

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