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Photo! An editor, formerly known as Photo Toolkit, is the main retouching tool that allows you to fix and optimize your digital images with just a few clicks.

Edit Pictures () ((reviev-app-page-desktop);)) Tools included in Photos! The editor is comparative. This means that it worksperfect for small retouching tasks, such as color optimization, red-eye removal or even cleaning the skin of some spots, wrinkles and other flaws. Other tools involved include recyclers / some really cool lighting effects and a tool design to applya clear effect on morphing your photos. There is also the possibility of comparing the changed image with the original.

Unknown type and options All photo editing options! The editor has a section for emergency help in the sidebar, which provides a step-by-step tutorial on ithow each function works. This is a really useful tool, because very few photodetails explain how they work with each other. The editor is an easy access to red-eye corrections, color enhancement and even drawing, functions are still very basic. The interfaceis another area in which the application falls because the design is very dated, while free applications like Picasa continue to grow.

Full photo! Editor is the perfect choice for those who require a simple, easy and easy to use photo editor for rectifying digitalpictures.

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