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Serious Sam 2

Serious Sam 2 is a first-person shooter, and, despite its name, is the third game in the severely Sam series, surprised. In this game, you will take command of the same name Sam, traveling from planet to planet in the fight against hordes of alien enemies. Unlike previous games, this is a little bit more attention, but not to be fooled – the goal of the game is to use great big guns to blow up as many monsters as a worldof pure adrenaline. Sly Sam 2 is a fast paced shooter in pure form. Mowing enemies, mangolektabonusyi rarely solve simple puzzle puzzles. While other shooters can be dull, realistic environment, Serious Sam 2 is following the examples of their predecessors in creating bright and colorful, open levels full of strange monsters. You can choose zkolkasts weapons from traditional guns, rockets,sniper rifles and machines, at least weird parrot innovation as a reference pump. Single multi-user mode and both valid and competitive multiplayer can be (function () {(”app-review-pagedesktop”);)) Pass vyklikYou want shooters quickly and (ironically) is the game for you . This is not the name of his predecessors and has some breathtaking sight, but still good, mountain, naive shooter Serious Sam2

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