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What about the others? Speccy gives you detailed information about your system you can get a speccy now ipsumdetailed statistics about your computer, which includes not only the basics such as CPU and memory, but also hard drives, graphics cards, motherboards, well, sistemy more.
KeyTweak Download Free Torrent You can see the information in a well-designed interface, and thenstore pictures (function () {( ’review, -page-desktop application’);}); buying more modules, or create a list of funktsiyesli you want to sell your computer, and to provide some basic information to be displayedBy speccy, can also be in certain areas, such as the Windows operating system, but is it easier for you speccy does not collect a single interface, and provides more beta development of features and can not be found any additional tools similar to others in the export various facilities ad formats, performance tests, which albuminstalled program, etc. The truth is, they are from the developers CCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler, we can not hope for that which is better? Speccy – is a simple system analyzer that displaysthe brightness of detailed technical specifications and configuration information about your computer (desktop, laptop) in the section ”operating system.”

Updated presents the latest models of processor Intel Core i7.

More solemn and public LGA 2011 motherboards.

Add data from the external peripherals.

usilenieObschedostupnost printers will become public.

meliusexceptis handling.

Add Kurds language support.

Small changes and types of computers (desktops, cotton) in the ”operating system” section.

updatedpresents the latest models of processor Intel Core i7.

Solemn and public LGA 2011 motherboards.

addereperiféricos external data disks.

Share and better detection of Discovery printers.

Improved exception handling.

DlyaKurdsky add language support.

Small changes and amendments.


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