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The Dark Knight 2008

When a threat named Joker came out of his former mystery, he made destruction and confusion to the Gotham people. The Dark Knight must admit the most psychological and physical test of its ability to combat injustice.


jyChristopherNolan Set Within One Year After Batman Begins, Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon, and New Bar Harvey Dent Success Begins To Criminal Gotham Criminal Plague City and a sadistic krimineleDie Army known only as Joker himself appeared inGotham, which creates a new wave of confusion. First Man 2018 Batman against Joker became very personal and forced him to ”meet everything he believes” and improve his technology to defend him. Love triangle betweenBruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes. The Equalizer 2 free download torrent

From terrible terrorists.


Christopher Nolan, despite his reputation for the adventures of The Dark Knight, where he punished Dent’s offensive, forced Batman into the city and the police tried to fight his plans to destroy the city.


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