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The Equalizer 2

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Codec ID: AC3

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Centers: 2

Duration: 01h55m

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Release date: 13-8-2018

Language: English


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He believes he left his wonderful gift and dedicationto establish a new, peaceful life. But the one who meets a young girl under the control of Russian power, can not stand and agree – she needs help.


Author Antoine Fuke:

Richard Venk, Michael Sloan (according to a television series designed) In contrast, Denzel Washington plays McCall, a man who believes his wonderful history behind him and volunteers to establish a new, peaceful life. However, when McKol met Terry (Chloe Grace Moretz),A girl who is under control of Russian military thieves, can not pretend – she needs help. With a hidden weapon that allows him to bend revenge against all who do not have a loss, McCall gets out of his retirement and becomes his desperate desire. If someone is in trouble, it’s a bad habit scheduled against them, if they do not have a chance to turn, McCall will help. He is comparing.

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