The experience is unreal and scary

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canada goose deals I mean canada goose jacket outlet uk I kind of agree. My cousin got into going out to clubs canada goose outlet montreal for awhile. He dragged me along a couple times. It basically a place where people who are canada goose outlet woodbury broke as hell go to flex and try to act like they are rich with their designer clothes, buying bottles and shit. Pretty hilarious to see some of my buddies buying bottles and getting surrounded by girls thinking they are pimp as fuck and then when they tried to get the girls canada goose outlet vip to come back to their place and party they fucked off super quick. canada goose deals

canada goose coats My canada goose outlet 80 off son is about to graduate HS, and then he off to basic training with the USAF. He already talking about getting a brand new sports car by the end of this year. WTF!!! He on my insurance right now, and I have to canada goose outlet store uk explain to him that my insurance went up by $200 canada goose outlet per month just for having him on it, and with a shitty car, too. He has no idea what he in for, but he won listen to me, so I think this is just gonna be one of those hard lessons he has to learn for himself. canada goose coats

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buy canada goose jacket cheap For 2 years in college I didn canada goose outlet hong kong pay for a parking pass. There was a new building being constructed across from the parking garage canada goose outlet trillium parka black and the people building canada goose outlet website legit it parked in Lot A behind the garage. At the beginning of the semester parking was always crazy and would spill over into Lot A. But after a few weeks parking would canada goose outlet germany clear up and there would be enough parking for everyone to park in the garage canada goose outlet in chicago and the main lots. Lot A was a slightly further walk, so only the workers parked there. I quickly realized the workers cars didn have passes so I would park my vehicle among them. In 2 years I received only one ticket ($35), all told I saved over $300. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose coats For a while I exploited a ridiculously easy and obvious ”loophole” through GameStop and I pretty sure they still have the same policy. I would buy a used canada goose jacket outlet store game (which have 7 day return policies) and simply return them for store credit within that time after playing and/or beating them. So basically an up front cost of $50 dollars got me unlimited games for years. And if you really liked a game you could just return it and ”buy it” again a few days later while playing another game for free in the between time. Plus their were 4 or 5 GameStops within the 20 miles canada goose outlet in usa between where I lived and where I worked. I doubt the workers would given 2 shits if I went to the same one every time, but I didn want to be that obvious. canada goose coats

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Canada Goose Parka Parents that buy their young children (like 8 and younger) new and expensive video game systems and games and only let them play like 20 minutes a day. That enough time canada goose outlet london to do absolutely dick. Why torture your canada goose outlet black friday kid like that? I rather a parent just say canada goose outlet shop ”oh I don want my kid playing video games before age 10 (or whatever age)”. That kind of understandable if your trying to promote physical activity, social skills and what have you. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Parka This is probably something I would do as a parent. By that time my kids will have discovered and developed varying interests. And it will be required of canada goose shop uk them to play and practice a sport, activity, or special talent. I want them to find something they are good at and/or passionate about and help them cultivate that talent. And by age 10 I would expect them to be responsible enough to do their studies nearly independently and once those responsibilities are managed, you done with practice and you eaten dinner with the fam the rest of your time is yours to do as you please until bedtime. Canada Goose Parka

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Canada Goose Jackets Fuck synthetic marijuana. I hate that I almost overdosed and nearly died on that. It wasn intentional, someone sold me weed that ended up being spice (synthetic weed). Nearly fucking killed me. Kids, if you reading this comment, be very fucking careful of who you buy your weed from. Hell, I still a fucking kid. I just turned 18. Make sure it from a dispensary (assuming its legal in your state) or that you can at the very least confirm its real weed. If you can see a nug with stems and leaves, thats weed, if it grinded up already be vary careful because it may be spice. Fuck spice. The experience is unreal and scary. It just kinda feeling yourself separate canada goose outlet uk from your body in a way. Like you watching a TV show in first person and the show is about to end. For me, that effect lasted week. My arms would fall asleep randomly, I feel light headed and nauseous, I was just fucked in the head. The after effects took weeks to fully go away. canada goose uk I felt like I was dying. Even though I wasn actively dying, the shock of it really stuck with me. It still does as this happened about a month ago. And my heartbeat. I felt like my heart was gonna pop from how fast it was beating. I literally thought they would be my last breaths on Earth. I cannot warn anyone reading this about the effects of that drug enough. You feel that you no longer you. To you, you are no longer your human body and life just feels like you a spectator and not really here living. The experience fucked with my head and totally changed my view on life and death. Spice is not worth it. And to think people intentionally do this just because it doesn show up on drug tests? Fucking idiots. Fuck anyone who defends spice, no one should encourage spice use. Canada Goose Jackets

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canadian goose jacket I smoked some spice in the early days (2010). I hadn really smoked weed but a couple times and had a bunch of friends on probation at he time and they were smoking the shit like a motherfucker. One night driving around I smoked it with my friends and then my canada goose outlet phone number buddy took us through the most ghetto part of town. I was fuckin tripping out, but not so much in a bad way. Like it looked like a scene from the Wire but somehow it was simultaneously frightening and hilarious to me. It was a pretty good time. canadian goose jacket

canadian goose jacket Fast forward to like 2012, by this time I a full on stoner and my friends in town are no longer on probation so we toked up 24/7. My buddy who went to college an hour away came up to town one day to chill and he was still canada goose discount uk on probation (from a pretty serious drug offense involving shrooms). He was canada goose coats uk still smoking the spice and we went and to go eat and I rode with him. He fires up a blunt of canada goose outlet canada it and offers it to me, I like ”I good”. He says ”oh you gonna make me feel like weirdo smoking it alone”. So I say fuck it and sip and I mean sip the fuckin thing twice. Pass it canada goose outlet jackets back. No more than a quarter mile later my fuckin world shifts entirely. All the sudden I feel tiny. My buddy talking to me and I hear the words but they are jumbled. My hearts beating out my chest. I beg my friend to stop and let me out so I can get some water. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets Shit was absolutely fucked. Up until that point Spice hadn hit the media yet with people getting their shit fucked http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com up by it. But it was no more than 3 weeks later that the hospitalization reports were coming from everywhere. canada goose jacket outlet sale I have no doubt that would been me if I had consumed much more than I did. Never fucked with that trash again Canada Goose Jackets.