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UC Browser

The UC computer browser is one of the variations of the UC browser that has been specially designed for desktops. It does not require much processing power and offers a simpler Internet experience for people with a slow internet connection. This free Windows browser is ideal for people with energy-efficient desktop computers and / or people with a slower internet browser with built-in tools

The UC browser is not new; swings on mobile device time. That’s why UC Browser has more tools and functions for PCthan most other new browsers.

The main function is the ad blocker that is so fashionable that it refuses the newest types of ads allowed in other browsers. It has a separate interface like many of the current web browsers and has a download manager, with which you can see what you download and where you download it.

Because the browser was originally designed for mobile devices, there is also a thumbnail mode that you can use for your convenience or to reproduce the experiencethat you have when viewing it on a mobile device. If you’re used to using Google Chrome, the characters you see at the top of the browser will look familiar, such as the home icon or three gray lines that show the options (() (() (app page desktop);} );

A simplified web browser program is limited

Browse web pages in a way that you can navigate quickly if you have a good Internet connection. Crazy Taxi x86 Torrent
The notification function requires an adjustment, but the concept and the accessthe tools are very simple and convenient, especially the download tool that starts automatically when you start downloading.

It has an interface that is very similar to Google Chrome, except that the design has a Chinese style, although all text is in English. The tools do not require much memory or processing power, so the tools appear and start running much faster than Firefox.

One of the best options to use is the fact that you can use different tabsopen without slowing down the computer or causing an error. For example, with Internet Explorer, different videos on different tabs open, the browser slows down and / or blocks slower computers – while with UC the tabs are only loaded when you click to be used by people with slower computers or with Internet speeds

UC Computer Browser is a versionExpanded from the popular UC Mobile browser. The result is that it is easierand faster to use, because everything you need is on the screen, with less need to jump between one option and the other.

Moreover, it is better optimized for low speeds of the internet, which is the portability of the mobile version – because many mobile devices have slower Internet speeds than most desktop computers.

Even if you have a fast PC, the UC web browser is still a one-of-a-kind option, because you can quickly surf the Internet while there is still muchprocesses are going on.

If you experience problems with your current desktop browser because they are being loaded or delayed, the UC web browser is required. If you have a slower computer and / or a slower internet connection and are tired of seeing white browsers while you wait for the pages to be displayed, UC is definitely the search engine.


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